UC Mission

Being an international scientific research organisation, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research has a great potential in the areas of education and training in the disciplines which correspond to its main research areas. While providing a formal education, like that of a university, is not a purpose of the Institute, graduate and postgraduate students from the Member States can join diverse research teams of JINR Laboratories to be trained in physics, engineering, computer science, etc. To ensure the effective use of JINR facilities and expertise to train highly qualified scientists and engineers from the Member States, in 1991 the University Centre was established. After a quarter of a century of fruitful work, JINR UC performs the following types of activities: 


Educational opportunities for students from JINR Member States 

The first priority of UC remains the reception of students from the Member States, who arrive at JINR Laboratories to prepare their BSc, MSc and PhD theses. UC takes care of their accommodation and provides the necessary assistance during their stay in Dubna. Selected lecture courses are organised by UC in accordance with the curricula of the mother universities, provided there is a mutual agreement in this matter between JINR and the university.


Summer educational programmes for students

An important task of UC is to organise educational summer programmes for undergraduate students. These include both a series of short-term (International Student Practice) and long-term (Student Programme) programmes for students from the Member States. The key aim is to engage undergraduate students in the day-to-day work of the research teams in JINR Laboratories. It is an excellent opportunity to get familiar with the JINR environment and to make valuable contacts with other students and scientists. Having participated in the summer programmes, many students return to the Institute to work on their MSc and PhD theses.


Engineering and Physics Training

One of the recently emerged activities of UC is the Engineering and Physics Training for graduate and postgraduate students and young scientists from the Member States. It is obvious that many of the skills required for an accelerator engineer or an experimental physicist cannot be taught at a university, as not every university can offer modern accelerators and experimental facilities to work at. The Engineering and Physics Training includes a series of courses in various fields, ranging from the basics of nuclear physics and radiation protection, to the particle detector physics, RF and vacuum technology, beam diagnostics and automation of physics setups. In the nearest future, as soon as the linear accelerator Linac-800 is commissioned, it will be possible to perform certain lab works using the accelerator beams.


Outreach programmes

JINR UC outreach programmes are an integral part of its activity. The aim is to bring up-to-date scientific knowledge to the general public and to highlight recent scientific achievements of JINR. A growing interest in science is an effective tool of attracting young people to the Institute. 

This activity is performed following several directions: scientific conferences for school students, international scientific schools for physics teachers at JINR and in CERN, Physics Days in Dubna, festivals of science, UC-based Physics Lab for school students, 3D tours of the JINR laboratories, videoconferences, etc.