International Student Practice in JINR Fields of Research

The International Student Practice in JINR Fields of Research is a three-week programme aimed at attracting talented young people to the Institute and building awareness of the possibilities of studying and conducting scientific research at JINR.

The Practices have been held since 2004 on the initiative of the JINR University Centre, MEPhI, MIPT, universities of Poland, and the Czech Technical University for senior students from the JINR Member States and the countries that have agreements with JINR at the governmental level. More than a thousand representatives of Belarus, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic have taken part in the event. Since 2007, the Practice has been attended by students from South Africa, since 2009 – by students from Egypt, since 2015 – by representatives of Serbia and Cuba.

Due to the increase in the number of participants, since 2007 the Practice has been held in three stages:

- Stage 1 is held in March;

- Stage 2 is traditionally attended by students in July;

- Stage 3 is organised in September. 

The aim of the Practice is to give interested students an opportunity to:

  • get as much information about the range of scientific research conducted at JINR as possible;

  • perform a research project at the basic experimental facilities of the Institute under the guidance of qualified specialists;

  • meet with the staff members of the Institute and choose a scientific supervisor for the case of visiting JINR for a longer period to prepare a thesis;

  • learn from the lectures by the leading JINR scientists about new problems of modern physics;

  • get acquainted with the Russian culture.

According to the traditional programme, the first days of the Practice are dedicated to introductory lectures and guided tours of the JINR laboratories, while the rest of the time is devoted to the work on research projects under the supervision of JINR specialists. Participants can find the descriptions of the research projects they got interested in on the website and thus choose a project from the list of research projects. Due to the fact that the staff members of the laboratories have to combine scientific supervision of participants with their everyday working duties, the range of projects available for every stage may be different. The last day of the Practice is traditionally devoted to the presentation of project reports made by the students on the work they have performed at JINR. Afterwards, the reports are posted on the website page dedicated to the Practice stage.

Who can apply: 3-year BSc's - 1-year PhD's

Financial terms: to participate in the Practice, it is necessary to pay a Fee that covers the costs of accommodation, meals, social programme, etc. As a rule, the Fee for students from the JINR Member States is paid from the Grants. In addition to the Fee, the costs of travel from the participant’s country to Dubna are covered.

How to apply: it is necessary to choose an ISP stage you can participate in - see below. As a rule, the Fee for students from the JINR Member States is paid from the Grants, therefore in order to apply for the Practice, it is required to contact an authorised representative of your country - see the list below. 

List of national representatives:

 Country  National representative Contact
Azerbaijan  Dr Yegana Aliyeva
Belarus Prof Yu. A. Fedotova
Cuba Dr Jose Luis Dona
Egypt Prof Dr Mahmoud M. Sakr
Mongolia Dr Sambuu Odmaa
Serbia Dr Srdjan Petrovic
South Africa Prof Richard Newman

ISP stages

General list of research projects

Archive of the Practices