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The JINR University Centre organises language courses on the territory of the Institute and online. The courses are intended for JINR staff members only and are aimed at improving their work-related foreign language skills.

We offer: English, Russian as a foreign language.

The English language courses start at the beginning of October and finish at the end of May. The Russian language course starts at the beginning of September and finishes at the end of June. 

Typically, classes are held 2 times a week during working hours and last 1.5 hours.

Timetable 2022/2023

English language training, as well as Russian language training, is provided upon a request of the Institute’s departments for work related purposes.

The decision to permit the employees to participate in the course during the working hours shall be made by the Directorate of the Laboratories and must be confirmed by a group Letter of Financial guarantee addressed to the University Centre. 

Groups shall be formed based on the placement test results of the candidates approved by the Laboratories.

The number of vacancies in a group is limited (not more than 12 persons).

The number of groups is also limited.

Studies at the UC language courses are paid by the JINR laboratories and departments sending their staff members to take a course. Other forms of payment are not possible.

A Letter of Financial Guarantee is not only a confirmation of payment obligations but also the permission of the directorate of a laboratory or department for a staff member to be absent from work in order to attend a course during the working hours.

Letter of Financial Guarantee for the ENGLISH language course_blank 

Letter of Financial Guarantee for the RUSSIAN language course_blank 

How to fill in a Letter of Financial Guarantee:

  • indicate the full name and contact information of intending student(s) (email, phone number)
  • indicate the period of studies (year, first semester (October-January), second semester (February-May))
  • indicate the financial source (to be filled in and signed by the economist of a laboratory or department)
  • get the Letter signed by the head of your laboratory or department, who is authorised to sign financial documents
  • register the Letter at the secretariat of your laboratory or department (indicate the registration number and date)
  • not later than September 16 (for the first semester) or February 1 (for the second semester), submit the Letter to the University Centre, (Laboratory of Information Technologies, floor 4) or scan it and send the scan to, also sending the original to UC by the JINR inner regular mail.

Should you need any further information, you may contact Elizabeth Pasca, UC language courses coordinator (

We will be happy to help you in case of any questions:



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