Lab Work on Vacuum Technology

Vacuum equipment is a basic component of any particle accelerator.

The aim of the Lab Work is to give a student the general idea of vacuum as a physical medium, an introduction to the vacuum technology and equipment, basic skills of working with vacuum pumping, diagnostics and measurement means.

The Lab Work is aimed at constructing a model of the vacuum system of a modern accelerator. The obtained experience and skills will be useful both for future vacuum specialists and for the overall development of any specialists working (or planning to work) in the fields where vacuum technology is used (vacuum system principle underlying the Lab Work is used at all modern physical facilities). Up-to-date equipment of the leading manufacturers (Edwards, Pfeiffer, VAT) is used.


  • basic knowledge of physics: idea of what gas and pressure are
  • basic computer skills: MS Windows, MS Excel (making charts)

List of Lab Works:

0. Introduction

Result: general idea of vacuum technology and its application.

1. Assembly and pumping of a laboratory vacuum chamber

Result: idea of the general vacuum system components (pumps, isolation valves, gauges, connection types). Skill of designing a basic vacuum facility, including plotting its scheme. Skills of assembling and pumping the vacuum facility.

2. Leakage

Result: general idea of artificial and natural leaking, ability to understand the leaking nature. Skill of working with a leak valve.

3. Vacuum leaks detection and fixing

Result: general idea of leak types, their detection and fixing. Skill of detecting leaks, using the Adixen ASM 310 leak detector, and their elimination.

4. Rotary vane forevacuum pump

Result: general idea of the rotary vane forevacuum pump operation principle. Skill of the pump preventive maintenance (including complete disassembling and assembling).

5. Diffusion high-vacuum pump

Result: general idea of the diffusion high-vacuum pump operation principle. Skill of the pump preventive maintenance (including complete disassembling and assembling).

Full course is designed for 3 days. However, lab works duration highly depends on the student's level and basic skills. Depending on that, the amount of the lab works in the course may vary. It is also possible to shorten the course by removing some lab works.