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Features of the format

Online tours are conducted by JINR scientists. Their story is focused on pupils of schools, students and graduate students, heads of natural-science profile workshop and open classrooms for children. During the excursion you will be able not only to find out important theoretical aspects, but also to glance on facilites, access where the most part of time it is impossible.



  • All tours are free-of-charge
  • Number of participants: from 15
  • Approximate time of an excursion of 30 minutes till 1 o'clock (including audience questions)
  • Online tours are carried out on a preliminary (1.5-2 weeks) application
  • Applications for tours of schoolchildren, students and graduate students are accepted only from teachers or heads of educational institutions


How to apply

  • Select the topic of tour below
  • Fill in the online booking form (will appear soon)
  • Receive a confirmation by e-mail within 5 days



Topics and locations of online tours to JINR