Virtual tours

To promote modern science and latest scientific achievements among a wider audience and due to an increased number of participants in “live” excursions,
the JINR University Centre organises online excursions for:

  • school students
  • students and postgraduates
  • science clubs supervisors
  • science teachers


  • number of participants: 10+
  • excursions are free-of-charge
  • only upon preliminary arrangement
  • an excursion lasts 40-90 min
  •  bookings may be made only by teachers, supervisors, and principals


  • see the timetable of online excursions (will appear soon)
  • fill in the online booking form (
  • receive a confirmation by e-mail within 5 days
  • issue an official letter signed by an authorised person (teacher, supervisor, or principal) and e-mail it to not later than 10 working days before the planned date of the online excursion


Phone: +7 496 21 6 27 01 Anastasia Suschevich, Eugenia Loboda