Students and postgraduates

Being an international scientific research organisation, JINR has a great potential for education and training in the disciplines coinciding with the Institute’s main directions of research. While providing a formal education, like that of a university, is not a purpose of the Institute, graduate and postgraduate students from the Member States are offered a wide range of educational opportunities:

This is a unique opportunity to join diverse research teams of the JINR Laboratories to be trained under the guidance of the leading experts to work in the field of physics, engineering, computer science, etc., to immerse  into the scientific life of the Institute and to establish valuable contacts with other students and scientists, to deepen the existing and acquire new knowledge and skills by using advanced equipment and technology, sipping information not only from textbooks and lectures, but, above all, from personal practical experience.

Thus, the JINR University Centre promotes the implementation of an important tasks: to ensure efficient use of the Institute resources in order to train highly qualified scientists and engineers from the Member States.