JINR UC Lectorium

The UC Lectorium “S’COOL SCIENCE” gives school students an opportunity to learn about advanced scientific discoveries and achievements at first hand. Lectures by JINR specialists are intended to popularize science and extend knowledge using the research conducted at the Institute as an example.

The lectures are held in two formats:

- offline (“live” format),

for students from Dubna, Moscow region. Lecturers come straight to the classroom to deliver a lecture.

- online (remote format),

for students from all over the world. The lectures are delivered online, using special videoconferencing software programs (Cisco / Zoom).


  • school students of 7-11 grades
  • groups of not less than 15 people
  • free-of-charge lectures
  • lectures on working days, 09: 00 - 17: 00
  • 1 lecture = 40-60 minutes
  • 2 lectures for 1 group per day maximum
  • Applications are accepted only from teachers or school principals.



Tel: +7 496 21 6 27 01 Anastasia Sushchevich, Anna Sumbaeva
E-mail: asumbaeva@jinr.ru