JINR staff members

JINR pays great attention to professional development of its employees. The JINR University Centre offers the following opportunities:

  • For degree-seekers

Degree-seeking students from universities of the Member States can prepare their doctoral theses working at the scientific departments of the Institute to subsequently defend their theses either at their national universities or at the dissertation councils of JINR.

The ability to articulate one’s ideas is a sine qua non of international scientific cooperation. Every year, UC offers the employees from JINR Member States to attend the following language courses: English, French, German, and Russian as a foreign language.

  • Skill improvement

The JINR University Centre organises skill improvement courses and seminars run by the educational institutions of Dubna, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Obninsk. UC also organises cross-training and certification of the Institute employees (manual workers) on the allied trades and professions subordinate to RosTechNadzor.