Summer Student Programme 

JINR Summer Student Programme started in 2014. One of the main goals of the Programme is to attract graduate and postgraduate students from the Member States Universities and involve them in research under the supervision of leading scientists and engineers at JINR. The participants have a unique chance not only to be introduced to JINR research, but also to choose a scientific supervisor for the case of visiting JINR for a longer period to prepare a thesis. The main feature is a competitive selection of the participants carried out by the staff of the Institute regarding the Application Form and the Letter of Recommendation. Participation in the Summer Student Programme can provide an opportunity to start your scientific career at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

The Programme is available for students who have finished the third year of their Bachelor course, Master students, or first-year PhDs. 

To participate in the Programme, you should:

  • register on;
  • fill in the application form on, starting from the end of January until March; 
  • undergo a competitive selection.

The results of the work performed at JINR are presented as a report published on The reports are available for all site visitors.