Physics Days

"Physics  Days" is a new science festival annually held in Dubna. Since 2014, it has been winning its popularity and increasing in scale. It attracts teams of people deeply interested in physics from different cities. In a way, "Physics Days" is a projection of the JINR activity onto the world of children and teenagers, introduction to the model of an international scientific centre, where scientific research is conducted not individually, but in collaboration with scientists from different organisations.

Popular physics and chemistry experiments and demonstrations, Robotics Tournament, Explorers' Quests with fascinating logic puzzles, Maths Fights - this is just a small part of the festival events.

Participation in all the events is free of charge.

The festival is organised by the JINR University Centre and the Interschool Physics and Mathematics Open Classroom.

Physics Days 2022

Physics Days 2016

Physics Days 2015

Physics Days 2014