Lectures by JINR scientists in Tver

On 25 January 2018, JINR staff members with the support of the JINR University Centre visited Tver once again to deliver lectures for school students, their teachers and students of the Tver State University in the frames of the lecture course “Mathematics and computer sciences”.

This lecture course held at Tver school 51 has become traditional and is getting more and more popular. Thus, this time about 200 teachers, school students and students of the TSU Department of Mathematics attended the event to listen to the lectures delivered by JINR scientists.

At the January meeting of the lecture course, the lectures “NICA – Universe in the laboratory” by Dmitry Dryablov from VBLHEP JINR, and “Why a physicist needs the computer” by Igor Pelevanyuk from LIT JINR, were delivered.

The next meeting of the lecture course “Mathematics and computer sciences” is planned to be held in April 2018. At the April meeting, Alexey Voinov from the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, will present his lecture on the synthesis of superheavy elements.