"Open Lab" in Dubna

On 10 February 2018, JINR Library n.a. D.I. Blokhintsev hosted an international educational event "Open Lab", which gathered more than 70 participants of different age and social status.

Everyone could test their knowledge about modern science and advanced research. The participants were offered a fascinating test of 39 questions in chemistry, physics, engineering, biology, space and astronautics, computer science, medicine.

VBLHEP scientific researcher Dmitry Dryablov acted as the head of the laboratory. After the participants handed in the forms with their answers, he commented on each question and dispelled pseudoscientific myths, the so-called renixes. Thus, everyone was able to count the number of correct answers and assess their knowledge about the structure of our world.

The second part of the "Open Lab" was more exciting for the pupils. Chemical experiments performed by the FLNP and LRB staff members Konstantin Khramko and Tatyana Bulanova aroused great interest among the children. The kids were told about some chemical reactions and properties of substances in a game format.

As the organisers say, the project has many goals: to enable everyone to compare their ideas about the world and its structure with scientifically proven facts, to tell what scientists are working on now, and also to get as many children as possible interested in science and broaden their horisons.

The event was scheduled to coincide with the Day of Russian Science, which is celebrated annually on 8 February. JINR Library n.a. Blokhintsev prepared thematic stands for the guests, where books on science for children and adults were presented.