On 10-29 January 2019, representatives of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research took part in the SAINTS(Southern African Institute of Nuclear Technology and Sciences)@tlabs Physics School held at iThemba LABS National Research Foundation (South Africa).

One of the objectives of the School is to select students from universities in South Africa to participate in the International Student Practice 2019 to be held at JINR in June.

At the event, Prof. A.V. Belushkin told the students about fundamental and applied research conducted in the Laboratory of Neutron Physics. A researcher of the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics Dr. A.V. Gladyshev gave a lecture on Particle Physics and Cosmology, and the Director of the JINR University Centre Prof. S.Z. Pakulyak introduced the participants to the main fields of scientific research conducted at JINR, and spoke about the training programmes implemented on the basis of the Institute.