Interregional Computer School-2019 starts

On 3 August 2019, the 31st Interregional Computer School named after V. Volokitin and E. Shirkova organized with the support of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research will be launched in the JINR Resort Hotel “Ratmino”.

The programme of the School is designed in such a way as to involve children in research activities. There are no strict plans or textbooks: the project, as any real research, may “turn” in a direction which its participants want to.

This year, participants of the School are offered diverse themes for projects. For primary school students: “Basics of robotic engineering” (Lego platform) and “Flotilla”. For secondary and senior school students (one project can be chosen): “Metalica” (chemistry), “The ICS ark” (basics of shipbuilding and engineering), “Robot-explorer” (robotic engineering), “Physical laboratory” (physics and robotic engineering), “Aviator” (aircraft building), “Literature archeology” (literature and history), “Living systems” (biology), “Seize the unseizable” (basics of psychology). More details are available on the ICS website.

In addition to project activities, the programme of the School includes educational scientific lectures, the Spartakiad, intellectual competitions, as well as movies, board games and many other curious things in spare time.

The School will be held up to 17 August.

At the opening ceremony of ICS-2018, photo by Elena Puzynina