Students of the German school at JINR

On 12 February, 2020, students of the German school named after F.P. Haas (Moscow) accompanied by their teachers visited the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Excursion to the Laboratory of nuclear reactions was organised for the guests.

Deputy Director of the FLNR A.G. Popeko gave a lecture on the synthesis of superheavy elements, emphasising the importance of fundamental research as the driving force of technological progress. He introduced the guests to the plans of FLNR scientists to replenish the periodic table with new chemical elements. During the visit, the deputy director of FLNR G. Kaminsky conducted an excursion to the IC-100 accelerator, where the students got acquainted with the principles of the cyclotron operation and learned about the production and the application spheres of track membranes. The tour around Acculinna-2 fragment-separator completed the visit.