At the career forums by MIPT and MEPhI, students were told about the competencies and skills currently in demand at JINR.

MIPT and MEPhI, both having JINR-based departments, have recently held career forums aimed at informing students about the competencies required for participation in the current and future projects at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

Over 30 high-tech science companies took part in the online MIPT Career Day held on 30 October - 02 November 2020 on the Facultetus platform. Interaction with the target audience provided opportunities to post information on vacancies and master's programmes, as well as to select potential employees based on their resumes and to interview applicants online.

It is not the first year that the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research has represented itself in the Forum space. This year, more than 250 students have registered for the MIPT Career Day, and the organisers' promo video has got about 2,000 views.

On 09-13 November, NRNU MEPhI also held an online Forum "Start of a Career: Autumn". The event was held on the Discord platform, where open live sessions with the organisations’ representatives were streamed to the official Forum group in Vkontakte.

On 11 November, Head of the Scientific and Experimental Department of Superconducting Magnets and Technologies (JINR VBLHEP) S. Kostromin made a presentation “Construction of the NICA accelerator complex. Competencies in demand" including information about MEGASCIENCE facilities, particle accelerators, huge magnets, and the future of science.

The record of the presentation by S. Kostromin is available via the link.

On 12 November, Deputy Director of the JINR University Centre A. Zhemchugov also gave a lecture at the Forum site. He spoke about the programmes of the JINR UC and answered the questions of the participants.

The record of the presentation by A. Zhemchugov is available via the link.

Besides the lectures by the JINR experts, a virtual representation of JINR with detailed information about the organisation, as well as virtual tours of and online excursions to the facilities were available at the Forum site.

In total, over 90 Russian enterprises have taken part in the MEPhI Forum. Over 4,000 students have registered for the event and about 3,000 people have watched its opening online.

The tendency of holding student career forums and job fairs has been gaining popularity, and the new online format of these events only enhances this effect. On the Internet, more and more employers are deploying their virtual representations to interview field-oriented students, run introductory master classes, and deliver overview lectures in the online format.

Thus, future specialists can not only get the general idea of the Institute, but also hear from the young researchers who graduated from the same universities and are now involved in the JINR projects. This is exactly what the video by the JINR University Centre is dedicated to:

JINR continues taking part in career initiatives for students of the field-oriented universities. The registration period of the 4th season of the student Olympiad "I Am a Professional" is coming to an end. In this Olympiad, MIPT organises four areas: "Artificial Intelligence", "Physics", "Mathematics", and a new direction supported by the Institute – "Physics and Technology of Unique Megascience Facilities”.

Over 25,000 applications have already been submitted for these areas, this number coming up to 300,000 in total. The prize-winners of the Olympiad will get cash prizes, privileges for admission to the Master's, PhD, or internship  studies at the country's leading universities, as well as the opportunity to be trained at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

Information provided by the JINR UC