Online tour of FLNR for KamSU

On 24 March 2022, an online tour of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions was organised for the JINR Infocentre at the Kamchatka State University named after Vitus Bering (KamSU). FLNR senior researcher Vratislav Chudoba introduced the audience to the studies of the exotic nuclei properties, which are conducted at the Acculina-2 fragment-separator–U-400M heavy ion accelerator complex.

To start with, Vratislav described the area of his scientific interests, explained the principle of the Acculina-2 separator operation, and told the audience about some of the properties of exotic nuclei, such as a nuclear halo.

The tour continued in the hall of the U-400M cyclotron, where the audience could "follow" the guide along the path of the beam, from the production target to the experimental room, see a filter for proton-rich beams, a radioactive beam diagnostic system, an experimental target, semiconductor detectors, and a neutron detector.

The format of online excursions is an effective way to introduce visitors of JINR Information Centres and school and university students from remote regions to the research conducted at the Institute. Such events are held on a regular basis and are organised by the specialists of the JINR University Centre.