Moscow school students visit JINR

On 23-24 May, 2022, students from Moscow School No. 1514 and the “Vtoraya Shkola” Lyceum got acquainted with JINR. The schoolchildren attended the interactive exhibition “JINR basic facilities”, JINR Museum and visited the laboratories of the Institute.

At the interactive exhibition, Nikita Sidorov, a software engineer at VBLHEP, spoke about the operation of the basic facilities of the Institute, demonstrating multimedia models of the NICA collider, Baikal-GVD neutrino telescope, IBR-2 pulsed reactor, and the cyclotrons of FLNR. Using VR glasses, the participants of the tour were able to look inside the laboratories.

A guide at the JINR Museum Kirill Kozubsky told the guests about the founders of the Institute and gave a lecture on the directions of JINR research. The students also visited the Museum hall with interactive exhibits.

DLNP specialists Alexander Antoshkin and Vladislav Sharov showed the visitors the remote control panel of the NOvA neutrino experiment, told the guests about the JUNO-TAO (China) and DUNE (USA) experiments, the developments that their Sector had made for these studies, and showed the children the Dark Room.

VBLHEP researcher Arkady Terekhin showed the students around the accelerator complex of the NICA collider, and junior researcher Taras Parfilo told the visitors about the high-tech line where superconducting magnets are assembled and tested.

The introductory lecture on FLNR was given by Scientific Secretary of the Laboratory Alexander Karpov. He introduced the schoolchildren to the history of the discovery of chemical elements both existing in nature and synthesized artificially, and spoke about the search for the hypothetical island of stability. Vasily Semin, head of one of FLNR departments, guided an excursion to the hall of the DC-280 cyclotron, where he explained the operation principles of the facility to the students.