JINR took part in the "Nanograd" in St. Petersburg

In the June session 2022, JINR became a partner of the School League programme dedicated to early career guidance for schoolchildren, development of research and engineering skills, and popularisation of science and technology among young people.

As part of this programme, since 2010, the Nanograd Forum has been organised. Its main task is to promote the project and research trend among schoolchildren in a high-tech society. In 2022, the Forum will be held on 16-26 June in St. Petersburg.

Representatives of the JINR UC and VBLHEP were invited as experts to attend the poster presentation of the participants' projects. The task was to make a presentation of a project on solving a feasible scientific and technological task and develop a communication strategy for its promotion on the market of a certain industry. In addition, at the Academy of Nanograd, a leading researcher at VBLHEP Sergey Merts gave a lecture "NICA – Back to the Future". At the lecture, the Forum guests learned about each of the seven laboratories of the Institute and about the fundamental and applied research carried out at JINR. Nanograd participants were introduced to the principles of the NICA accelerator complex operation, the systems included in the complex, and the results that scientists plan to obtain. An online excursion to the NICA accelerator was guided by a VBLHEP leading engineer Alexander Tikhomirov. In real time, he demonstrated the HILAC heavy ion linear accelerator, as well as the first and second rings of the accelerator complex – the booster and the Nuclotron.


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