Physics Workshop "Element 105" finished

On 26 July, the Physics Workshop "Element 105", part of the Summer School, came to an end. The Summer School is an interdisciplinary event that has been held since 2004 in the format of a field camp.

Since 2012, the Summer School has been organised at the JINR recreation centre “Volga” and supported by the Institute. This year, 20 students from MEPhI, MIPT, MSU, St. Petersburg State University, MSTU named after N.E. Bauman, Yaroslavl State University named after P.G. Demidov, KFU, MIREA, Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology, Tver State University, St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology, and UFU have taken part in the Workshop. For 10 days, participants listened to lectures on the main projects and fields of research conducted at the Institute and visited JINR laboratories.

Workshop participants made presentations based on scientific articles on various topics. After the presentations, the specialists of the Institute selected five best speakers who were invited to participate in the XXVI International Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists.

“This Workshop has become an intellectual holiday for me. I became more persistent and enthusiastic about doing science,” said Mikhail Platonov, a student at MIREA.

“The most exciting for me were the excursions to the laboratories, where they told us how the basic facilities of the Institute work. The Workshop has become a fascinating experience: you could make new contacts and gain useful knowledge,” said Maxim Kuznetsov, a workshop participant from MEPhI.

“I liked the other participants: interesting, sociable, well-rounded, inspired by what they do and willing to share their experience,” said Polina Kasyanova, a workshop participant from MSU.