Competition of scientific projects at the MSU Faculty of Physics

The Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University holds a traditional competition of scientific projects – the «Lomonosov» Universiade in theoretical and applied physics. Winners of the competition will become eligible to enter the Master's course at Moscow State University on a preferential basis. Applications are accepted until 31 March, 2023 at

Students who have previously studied the Bachelor’s programmes at universities in Russia, the CIS, and abroad are eligible for participation.

If you wish to enter the Department of Fundamental Nuclear Interactions (headed by JINR Director, RAS Academician, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Grigory Trubnikov) or the Department of Elementary Particle Physics (headed by JINR Scientific Leader, RAS Academician, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Victor Matveev), please indicate the “Fundamental Nuclear Interactions” or “Elementary Particle Physics” specialties when registering for the Universiade.