Hackathon "Dubna-2023"

16 teams from the Moscow region took part in the competition in designing and programming robots. Participants in the qualifying stage, which took place in the Kadyshevsky Lyceum, were 45 children, mostly school students in grades 7-10 from Dolgoprudny, Dubna, Zaprudnya, Korolev, Moscow, Orudyevo, Protvino, Taldom.

The Hackathon was intended for participants who had no experience with the Arduino platform and included 2 main stages: a master class on the basics of robotics and the robotics tournament itself, where teams designed and assembled an autonomous device that could select, scan space with a laser, measure angles and distances and display the information received.

Teachers and accompanying persons visited the exhibition "JINR main facilities" and took part in a seminar on the basics of Arduino robotics, where they built an autonomous mobile device with sources and sensors of light and sound.