CyberDubna-2023: results

On 22-23 April, 2023, the Kadyshevsky Lyceum became the venue for the Open Robotics Tournament CyberDubna-2023 organised by the JINR University Centre. The Tournament was a team competition based on the Arduino platform.

The main goal of the Tournament was to preserve and develop the environment encouraging creativity in the younger generation in the field of design and robotics. The event was also aimed at attracting talented young people interested in high technologies.

This year the competition was intended for participants of different levels of training: beginners and those who already have experience.

On the first day, 8 beginner teams who passed the selection stage through the Dubna technical HACKATON held on 18 February took part in the competition. The task was to build a rectangular-parallelepiped stand-alone device that can scan space and detect objects. The objects had to be counted, the distance to each of them determined, and their apparent size estimated. The winner of the technical HACKATON 2023 final became the team “Pandora's Box” (Zaprudnya Gymnasium, supervisor: E.A. Kozhanova). 2 third prizes were awarded to the teams "SpaceZ" (Dubna University College, supervisor: P.L. Luchinin) and "Ambassadors of Science" (Gymnasium No. 8, Dubna).

On the second day, more experienced teams from Dolgoprudny, Dubna, Protvino, Taldom, Zaprudnya, Taldom District and Pravdinsky Pushkino District competed in two age categories. The teams had to assemble a mobile platform of set dimensions, capable of moving autonomously, and, based on this platform, they had to build a robot that can find a door of a suitable size in a limited space and leave the room through this door.

The winners of the main part of the CyberDubna-2023in the junior group became the teams "Elektroniki" (Zaprudnya Gymnasium, supervisor: S.E. Ladygina) and "Lyceum students" (Lyceum and Secondary School No. 1 in Protvino, supervisor: M.V. Savchenkova). The 3rd Prize was awarded to the team "Dlab-Khlebnikovo" from Dolgoprudny supervised by V.V. Bolashev.

The winner of the main part of the CyberDubna-2023 in the senior group was the team “Sirius”, Dubna University College, supervisor: P.L. Luchinin. The 2nd Prize was awarded to the team “SpaceZ”, who had distinguished themselves on the first day of the tournament (Dubna University College, supervisor: P.L. Luchinin). The board decided not to award the 3rd Prize.