Students from South Africa at JINR

On 07-23 June, 2023, Stage 2 of the International Student Practice by the JINR University Centre was held at the Institute. 28 young scientists came from the South African Republic to participate in the programme.

During the first week of the internship, the trainees listened to lectures on the research conducted at JINR and the main facilities of the Institute, visited the “JINR main facilities” exhibition, VBLHEP, FLNR, FLNP, and DLNP. In addition, the participants went on a guided tour to Moscow as part of the cultural programme.

The following two weeks were devoted to working on the research project supervised by JINR specialists from JINR UC, FLNR, FLNP, and DLNP. The last day of the Practice was traditionally dedicated to students’ presentations.

“This practice has been held since 2007 and has already become traditional. In recent years, it has been held in two stages. During the first stage, students from South Africa take part in a Summer School in their country, at iThemba LABS. It also lasts for three weeks, and JINR specialists take part in it giving lectures both online and in person. Therefore, participants who come to Dubna are already much better prepared and motivated. During the second stage, the participants of the internship come to JINR to carry out short-term research projects aimed at getting acquainted with the scientific work conducted at the Institute”, said Dmitry Kamanin, Director of the JINR University Centre.

The highlight of Stage 2 2023 was the fact that a significant part of participants chose engineering related projects. Trainings in electronics, automation and vacuum technology were held in the new and well-equipped building of the JINR University Centre.