XII International School for Physics Teachers

From 3 to 7 July 2023, the 12th International Scientific School for Physics Teachers was held at JINR. Twenty teachers from eighteen regions of Russia and one teacher from Armenia became its participants.

The school sets itself the task of reducing the "distance" between the school and fundamental science, disseminating natural science knowledge among a wide audience, and drawing attention to the field of JINR research.

The programme of the school included a visit to the interactive exhibition "JINR Main Facilities", introductory lectures and excursions to the Laboratory of High Energy Physics, the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions and the Laboratory of Information Technologies, master classes on working in the Virtual Laboratory for the Study of Nuclear Physics, visit to the Blokhintsev Library, University "Dubna" and Lyceum n.a. Kadyshevsky. Acquaintance with the city took place in the format of a quest. The school ended with a demonstration of physical experiments.


Julia Nasedkina, Ulyanovsk

Every day of the School was filled with events and meetings, communication with colleagues, visits to experimental facilities or educational institutions in Dubna. Each of us received fresh ideas for working with school students. We participated in a quest around the city, swam and just walked. Dubna is a park city, a forest city, which is very pleasant to visit, even more pleasant to walk and breathe wonderful air.


Evgeny Pavzderin, Novgorod region, Zalusie village

I got a lot of energy and inspiration. It was very interesting to feel like a part of Dubna, where an intellectual atmosphere reigns. I think that such a school would be important for both experienced teachers and students of pedagogical universities. It will be great to continue interaction with JINR, to receive information about new discoveries, demonstrations of experiments. JINR does a lot for schools, and it would be great to introduce the institute's achievements into schools. And schools, in turn, could give feedback.


Egor Sidorov, Samara

Many thanks to the organisers of the school for physics teachers for the work done! From the first days, we were immersed in a unique scientific atmosphere, which strongly motivated us and showed the importance of high-quality teaching of physics in the schools of our country. Every day was filled with an interesting programme with the opportunity not only to look at the facilities, but also to explore the city. Colleagues and organisers created a sincere atmosphere in which I would like to return.


Svetlana Moiseenko, Tomsk

Many thanks to the organisers for a high-quality, well-thought-out, informative school for physics teachers! For the atmosphere of goodwill, interest in school education. For the opportunity to immerse yourself in an amazing international scientific environment, talk personally with physicists and learn about research.


Olga Yurieva, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

I would like to express our deep gratitude for the indelible impressions of communication with the JINR staff, who filled the school participants with faith in Russian science and the prospect of its fruitful development. Our students will gladly join the ranks of your scientists and continue their creative work in science.


Argishti Tonoyan, Armenia, Vanadzor

Many thanks to the organisers for the opportunity to plunge into the world of science, to get to know its modern trends and achievements. I would like to note the competent combination of the theoretical part with practice, the professionalism of lecturers who know how to involve in the topic.