Workshop on the Physics of Quark-Gluon Matter

On 16-20 November, 2023, a workshop on the physics of quark-gluon matter will be held at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research as part of the preparation for experiments at the NICA accelerator complex. You can apply for participation up to 26 October.

The Workshop is intended for university students of 1-4 year of study interested in elementary particle physics. The working language is Russian. Applications are accepted until 26 October at The number of vacancies is limited.

The Workshop programme will include lectures on the issues of studying the theoretical picture of the microworld, methods and approaches used in modern experiments in high-energy physics and the current progress in this field, as well as excursions to the NICA accelerator complex and the Govorun Supercomputer.

Participants are provided with accommodation in a student hostel (Dubna, 10, Leningradskaya st.), meals expenses will be covered.