Physics teachers at JINR school

From March 25 to 29, 2024, a scientific school for physics teachers was held at JINR. The participants were 23 teachers from Irkutsk, Saratov and Voronezh regions. The teachers' visit was supported by JINR information centres in Irkutsk and Tomsk.

The School agenda included a visit to the interactive exhibition "JINR Main Facilities", introductory lectures and excursions to the Laboratory of High Energy Physics, the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions and the Laboratory of Information Technologies, hands-on classes on working in a Virtual Research Laboratory Workshop and in a Virtual Laboratory for Nuclear Physics a visit to Dubna University and the Lyceum named after V. Kadyshevsky. The latest educational and methodological complex "Physics for 7-9 grades. Engineers of the Future" and a textbook for a specialised school "Nuclear Physics. Grades 10-11" were introduced to the participants. The acquaintance with the city was held in the format of a quest. The programme also included I.A. Lomachenkov's classes, where he demonstrated physical experiments.

Some participants of the School shared their impressions.

A.V. Trifonov (Tuturskaya Secondary school, Zhigalovo village, Irkutsk region): I came from the hinterland, from the Zhigalovsky district of the Irkutsk region. We saw the collider, we were impressed by its huge scale and scope of the construction. During lunch, one of our colleagues had a talk with the young staff members of the Institute. One of them was from Belarus, the other one was from the Volgograd region. They said that they had done their student internship at JINR and that is how they started working here. It is impressive that students can start their career from the second year of their study. It is very important for students to realise that they will be in-demand and that they can continue chosen professional path.

O.K. Kozhevnikova (school No. 20, Usolye-7, Irkutsk region): A thousand people live in our village, and 194 children study at school. I teach physics to 7-8 grades schoolchildren. I really liked the Lyceum, it is well equipped, everything is vividly presented to the children. Electronic textbooks and simulators created at the UC were demonstrated to us. I wonder how we can get them. These materials will allow students to understand science better. I am very glad that I took part in this School, I hope for future cooperation with the Institute.

E.S. Perova (gymnasium No. 1 in Balakovo, Saratov region): Due to this School, I had an opportunity to see with my own eyes what global projects are being implemented here. It is astonishing to see the people who’ve been given opportunities to get such amazing results, we are also astonished by the depth of human mind and the strength of the spirit of the creators of all these facilities, and all these make us feel tremendous pride for our country. I would like to wish my students to try to do their best in spite of any difficulties. During our visit to the Lyceum, I felt friendly envy: children are given such great opportunities to realise their potential, they are bound to succeed with such teachers and conditions. Of course, a lot depends on themselves, they need to work hard and purposefully, but there is a great opportunity to succeed here.

T.B. Nironova (Lyceum No. 2, Balakovo, Saratov region): The vivid impressions of our trip to Dubna will forever remain in our hearts: the first snowdrops, cozy atmosphere of the hotel, a friendly company of like-minded people, thoughtful curators, a science city rich in history and people, a large baggage of impressions, knowledge, experience.

For physics teachers, such events at JINR give an opportunity to get acquainted with modern scientific achievements, research infrastructure, ask scientists questions, and see the life of the science city from inside. The School provides methodological materials, replenishes the pool of useful online resources in daily work, and gives ideas for research projects.