Preliminary list of projects available for Stage 1, 2023 (Egypt, 15 May - 02 June)

For selected participants: choose 3 projects from the list below in the order of their priority to you (the first one being the most important) and
send your preferences to Ms. Julia Rybachuk ( 

JINR University Centre (UC) 

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project Number of vacancies
1.   D. Belozerov
K. Verlamov



  Electronics hands-on training 
  RF technology hands-on training
2 min - 8 max
2.   K. Gikal
K. Papenkov  
    Pixel detector Medipix MX-10 3 min - 8 max

Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions (FLNR)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project Number of vacancies
1.   L. Krupa
    Determination of masses of the super heavy elements in the experiments on synthesis
  of 112 and 114 elements using the reactions 48Ca+242Pu and 48Ca+244Pu 
8 in total
2.     Systematic determination of cross sections for the production of proton-rich evaporation
  residues near the neutron N=126 shell closure in fusion reactions 
3.     Production and spectroscopic investigation of new neutron-rich isotopes near the neutron
  N=126 shell closure using the multinucleon transfer reactions 
4.     Monte-Carlo simulation of fusion and multinucleon transfer reactions in the MEDIPIX
  detector using the GEANT4 
5.     Development and testing of a new cryogenic gas-filled catcher for the MASHA 

Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics (FLNP)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project Number of vacancies
1.   I. Zinicovscaia      Neutron activation analysis and related analytical techniques in environmental and 
  life sciences   
2.   A. Dmitriev
  W. Badawy
    Nuclear and related analytical techniques in archaeological and ecological studies 2
3.   S. Kichanov
  B. Bakirov
    Сrystal and magnetic structure of advanced oxide materials: neutron diffraction studies 2
4.   S. Kichanov
  I. Zel
    Neutron radiography and tomography method: practical applications 3
5.   K. Mamatkulov     Raman and CARS microspectroscopy 2
 6.    Ye. Arynbek     Investigation of lipid-protein system by Raman Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics  1
7.   M. Dima      Fourier methods: classical and quantum 2

Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems (DLNP)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project Number of vacancies
1.   Said Shakour     Radiation Protection and the Safety of Radiation Sources 4

Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (BLTP)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project Number of vacancies
1.   Yu. Shukrinov     Computer simulation of tunneling characteristics of superconducting nanostructures  3

Laboratory of Radiation Biology (LRB)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project Number of vacancies
1.   B. Munkhbaatar
  B. Lkhagvaa
    Computer Modeling of Radiation Biophysics using the Geant4  3

Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics (VBLHEP)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project Number of vacancies
1.   E. Kokoulina          Puzzles of multiplicity 3
2.     Soft photons at U-70 and Nuclotron  1
3.   P. Zarubin
 V. Rusakova
  A. Zaysev
    Study of alpha-particle states in the fragmentation of relativistic nuclei (BECQUEREL project)  3

Laboratory of Information Technologies (LIT)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project Number of vacancies
1.   B. Saha
V. Rikhvitskiy
    Numerical and analytical calculations in gravitation and cosmology 2
2.   G. Ososkov
A. Nechaevskiy
  A. Uzhynskiy
    Machine learning applications for plant disease detection 5