Programme, Stage 1 (Egypt), 15 May - 02 June, 2023

May 15

 Late evening  Arrival 

May 16      

 Venue:  JINR Visit Centre
 10.00-10.20  Meeting at the Hotel reception, walking to the JINR Visit Centre  
 10.15  Group photo at 6, Joliot-Curie  
 10.20-10.40   Passes, info materials  
 10.40-11.40  "Joint Institute for Nuclear Research" - welcoming lecture    D. Kamanin
 11.45-12.15  "Opportunities for students at JINR" - introductory lecture   A. Verkheev
 12.15-12.30  "Safety basics at JINR" - briefing    M. Nozdrin
 12.40-13.00  Meeting with project supervisors (showing the way to workplace and Canteen)  
 13.00-14.30  Lunch (JINR LNP Canteen)   
 14.30-16.30  Work on the projects in the laboratories (introduction)  

May 17    

 Venue:         Culture Centre "Mir" + VBLHEP
 09.20-10.00  Meeting at the Hotel reception, walking to the JINR Culture Centre "Mir"  
 10.00-11.00  "History of Russia" - introductory lecture  E. Badawy
 11.00-12.30  "JINR basic facilities" - interactive exhibition  Yu. Panebratsev, K. Klygina
 12.30-14.00  Lunch (Restaurant "Baryon" at the Hotel)  
 14.00-14.15  Meeting at the Hotel, getting on the bus to VBLHEP  
 14.30-16.30  Visit to VBLHEP (lecture+excursion)  M. Shandov, A. Tikhomirov, A. Cheplakov

May 18    

 Venue:         FLNR & FLNP
 09.20-10.00  Meeting at the Hotel reception, walking to FLNR  
 10.00-12.30  Visit to FLNR (lecture+excursion)  A. Karpov, V. Semin, K. Gikal 
 12.30-14.00  Lunch (JINR LNP Canteen)  
 14.00-14.15  Meeting at the Canteen, walking to FLNP                                 Yu. Kopach, A. Dmitriev, I. Zel, M. Petrova
 14.15-16.45  Visit to FLNP (lecture+excursion)

May 19    

 Venue:         DLNP & MLIT
 09.20-10.00  Meeting at the Hotel reception, walking to DLNP  
 10.00-12.30  Visit to DLNP (lecture+excursion)  N. Anfimov 
 12.30-14.00  Lunch (JINR LNP Canteen)  
 14.00-14.15  Meeting at the Canteen, walking to MLIT  
 14.15-15.30 Visit to MLIT                   O. Derenovskaya, M. Zuev

May 20   

 07.30-10.00  Transfer to Moscow 
 10.00-17.00  Moscow excursion
 17.00-19.30  Transfer to Dubna 

May 21  

 All day  Free time

May 22-26

 09.00-13.00  Work in the labs
 13.00-14.00  Lunch
 14.00-18.00  Work in the labs

May 27-28  

 All day  Free time

May 29 - June 01

 09.00-13.00  Work in the labs
 13.00-14.00  Lunch
 14.00-18.00  Work in the labs

 June 02    

 Venue:           JINR University Centre (University Centre, room 437)
 09:30-12.30  Final project presentations
 12.30-13.00  Certificates awarding, photoshoot, closing