ICS-2023: School results

On 15 July, 2023, the 35th International Computer School attended by 46 students from the Moscow Region, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Primorsky and Krasnodar Krai came to its end at the JINR resort “Ratmino”.

16 people participated in the preparation and holding of the School: mentors and assistants, interns and organisers accompanying groups of schoolchildren invited to Dubna from other cities and towns of Russia. The School was organised by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. The mentors were staff members of the JINR University Centre, teachers of the ANEO “Physics and Mathematics Lyceum named after V.G. Kadyshevsky”, University "Dubna", and other educational organisations.

Participants of the School were selected based on the results of a creative competition and the results of the JINR educational competitions (HACKATHON, CYBERDUBNA).

The educational part of the School was held from 02 to 14 July and was completed with a reporting conference for the participants. It included presentations on educational, research and engineering projects: the participants got acquainted with the history of Ancient Egypt and learned where the Pythagorean triples are hidden, whether it is possible to measure human emotions and how to make artificial intelligence emotional, how to design and assemble a smart greenhouse and physics setups to study the laws of physics.

The social programme included working in a film studio to produce a daily video report on the life of the ICS, table tennis and chess, intellectual and entertaining programmes, for example, a knight tournament. The ICS daily routine is covered on VK.