On 02 March, 2022, an online lecture was organised for 8-9 grade students from school No. 51 in Tver. The event was held as part of the JINR UC Lectorium. Researcher of the Laboratory of Information Technologies Igor Pelevanyuk gave a lecture "LIT: Past and Present".

On 24 February, 2022, an online popular-science event was held on the basis of the JINR Info Centre at KamSU. Participants were FLNP staff members Natalya Glombotskaya and Valery Lobachev and high-school students from the local schools. The meeting was organised by the JINR University Centre.

Within the framework of the 65th anniversary of JINR and the Year of Science and Technology in Russia, the University Centre ran the Marathon “JINR visiting Dubna schools”. This large-scale popular-science event lasted from April till December 2021 and involved 14 city schools.

In February 2022, the traditional, third in a row, lecture session of the Joint Institute for Nu-clear Research scientists for the «Virtual Science Camp» was held. Nikolai Anfimov gave a lecture «What is JINR?» to students from 10 countries.

Winners of the first joint project "Lessons of real nuclear physics" of the Educational Center "Sirius" and JINR have been announced. The participants assembled a model of a cloud chamber and independently identified the tracks of charged particles, made photo and video reports on the performed work.

On 24 January – 04 February, 2022, the annual RSA-JINR Summer School for undergraduate and postgraduate students of various RSA universities was hosted by the iThemba Labs research centre. This year the School was held in the video conference format.