On 03-07 April, 2023, the Scientific School for Physics Teachers from Kamchatka was held at JINR. 14 teachers came to Dubna from different districts of this region. The visit was organised with the support of the JINR Information Centre at Kamchatka State University named after V. Bering. The participants learnt about the Joint Institute's research and visited several laboratories.

On 07 April, 2023, JINR took part in the event “Career Booster”, which was held at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in Dolgoprudny. This traditional event is an excellent platform for positive and efficient communication between potential employers and students.

On 30 March, 2023, the new building of the JINR University Centre became the venue for the joint JINR-MIPT School of Quark-Gluon Matter Physics. Within five days, students got a general idea of the Joint Institute and its main projects, listened to lectures and visited some of the JINR laboratories.

On 25 March, 2023, an opening ceremony of the new building of the JINR University Centre at 4A, Vavilov st. took place. The new building will host the Engineering and Physics Training for university students, as well as robotics and 3D printing classes for school students. It will also become a new home for the JINR UC Social Communications Group and the Physics Lab for schoolchildren.

16 teams from the Moscow region took part in the competition in designing and programming robots. Participants in the qualifying stage, which took place in the Kadyshevsky Lyceum, were 45 children, mostly school students in grades 7-10 from Dolgoprudny, Dubna, Zaprudnya, Korolev, Moscow, Orudyevo, Protvino, Taldom.

The Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University holds a traditional competition of scientific projects – the «Lomonosov» Universiade in theoretical and applied physics. Winners of the competition will become eligible to enter the Master's course at Moscow State University on a preferential basis. Applications are accepted until 31 March, 2023 at https://universiade.msu.ru/rus/event/7866/